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                                       NEW ALBUM

                     "SUPERNATURAL CASUALTY"

                             Released August 2015

Track Listing for "Supernatural Casualty" album, (CD Version)
                                   Due for release August 2015

1.Assassin  2.Healing  3.The Secret  4.Interstellar
5.House of the holy  6.Welcome to the darkside...
7.F1  8.Hideaway  9.No way of knowing 10.Apparition
11.Embargo  12.Tide is turning  13.No time  14.Infront of me
15.Remembrance day  16.Usurper
Downloadable version will only contain the first 10 tracks..!!!!

New Limited Edition Single of 100 copies  "Burning Skies"

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     "Outlaw of our time"

Review: “Outlaw of our time” by The Geof Whitely Project

It is perhaps ironic that ‘Fibreoptic’, the opening track on ‘Outlaw of our time’ by the Geof Whitely project, refers to our obsession with becoming the fastest at everything. This, coming from the prolific brainchild behind the GWP, Arny Wheatley, who knocks out albums in the time it takes most of us to choose a new pair of shoes. However, whilst the previous two albums (“Pathfinder” and “Just a flash in the pan”) hinted at the fact that Arny has really discovered ‘his sound’, this album not only establishes that sound to completion but it also brings together his strongest set of songs to date.

The instrumental ‘Ricochet’ has real televisiual appeal, ‘Gate to the West’ features a strong guitar sound that is reminiscent of Gary Moore’s Parisienne Walkways’, whilst ‘Slow Motion’ has tones of Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’ hidden in its depths. However, Arny manages to mould these tipping points into something else entirely; developing from album to album with new influences. One of the highlights of the album (“Siren of the Sea”) is, to all intents and purposes, a folk song - both in terms of lyrical content and song structure.

Easily, his most accessible work thus far, it moulds the prog and synth-driven rock for which Arny has rightly become known with a sure-footed pop sensibility. There is mainstream crossover appeal in songs such as “Soulless night driver” which merges a Kraftwerk-style ‘Tomorrow’s World’ riff with Bowie-esque vocal stylings and an apocalyptic lyrical landscape.

Inhabiting the musical space between ‘Public Service Broadcasting’ and ‘Transverse City’-era Warren Zevon, this album sets the blueprint for the GWP’s next albums and, you can rely upon the fact that the next one, won’t be too long in coming. A really strong album, that deserves to be heard by the widest audience possible.

Gary Wilcox

March 2015


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      "Just a flash in the pan"

Geof Whitely Project – Just A Flash In The Pan

Following on from the excellent ‘Pathfinder’, ‘Just A Flash In The Pan’, once again moves the sound of Geof Whitely Project forward.  The powerful opening of ‘Exhibition of Life’, shows how the sound is developing, but it soon settles back into melodic, flowing music that GWP are the central core, (at least to this reviewer),  of the GWP sound

As with Pathfinder, the album feels ‘complete’ a real package, storytelling lyrics, check out ‘Ninja 9’, the dark but beautiful instrumental ‘Aftermath’.

Each track has its own tale to tell and has its own ‘place’ on the album.  Stand out track for me amongst a delightful set of gems is probably ‘At The Crossroads’ with lyrics that I’m sure a lot of us can relate to, gentle melody with wonderful ‘breaks’, it just ‘grabs’ you and asks you to listen.

Once again an album of contrasts which blend together to give a wonderful soundscape of music, something for everybody, excellent listening, more please!

Paul Baker - Sounscapes



Geof Whitley Project – Pathfinder

Pathfinder is probably the most ‘complete’ album by the Geof Whitely Project thus far!  A palate of musical textures and soundscapes blended but never conflicting.  Musical twists and turns throughout the album but the title track and the ‘haunting’ Conscience, probably my favourite GWP track, are simply marvellous, with splendid texture and depth.  There are ‘darker’ moments amongst the ‘light’, ‘The Real Me’ does get potentially personal!

Subtle guitars, majestic when required by the song, blended with intricate and by turn powerful keyboard sounds, engaging lyrics, foot tapping moments a plenty, (if you don’t start humming along to ‘Never Ending Story’ there is no hope!).

In short, a varied but consistently good set of songs, blended together in to an intriguing and engaging listen, more please GWP!

Paul Baker -  Soundscapes


           OUT NOW  !!!!!

"Hand 2 Eye Co Ordination"

Geof Whitley Project – Hand 2 Eye Co Ordination


Hand 2 Eye Co Ordination is an ambitious album from Geof Whitely Project, each song has its own merits, the downside is that this album is a mosaic of musical ideas and textures that maybe do not always blend easily into the complete picture.

However, don’t let this reviewer put you off, each song does work within its own space. The dark, somewhat sinister opening of ‘The Cube’, the gentle melody of ‘Bleeding Hearts’, driving piano of ‘Be Seen But Not Heard’, (reminiscent of Billy Joel maybe?), the lyrics here help to build a picture, a strength of all the songs assembled here.

The instrumental ‘H2O’ hints at another possible avenue that GWP are more than capable of exploring, a jaunty happy piece that somehow conjures up images of dripping water! (Well at least for me!).  ‘Running on Empty’ has a reflective feel and the lyrics could apply to just about anybody!

In short, Hand 2 Eye Co Ordination is worth exploring, a collection of well written songs with plenty to enjoy for any rock or progressive rock fan, more please GWP!

The album is very 'consistent', good sounds, solid all round feel to the songs. Difficult to put into words, but it just feels 'right'. Powerful yet not metal, inspiring but pretty 'laid back'... All the bits fit musically...more please GWP!

Paul Baker - Soundscapes




"Yetoto" drawn by world renowned artist Rodney   Mathews...!!!!

"Confidential Whispers"

 drawn by world renowned artist Rodney  Matthews....!!!!


Debut album"Interlude".

artist Alan Geldard..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Debut 3 track ep available now on

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     "Collectors Edition CD"

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