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Collectors Edition 

"DREAMS 2 REALITY" EP track listing:... 1.Interlude 2.Transitory (edit) 3.Avernian (edit)

"INTERLUDE" Track Listing:....1.What Happens Next 2.Interlude 3.By Chance 4.Maybe This Time 5.Transitory (full version) 6.Close To The Water 7.Blink Of An Eye 8.Others Around You 9.Timepeace (DELETED)

"CONFIDENTIAL WHISPERS" Track Listing:....1.Reasons Why 2.Horus 3.Highly Addictive 4.More Or Less 5.Dare To Dream 6.Queen Of The Moorlands 7.Enigma 8.Avernian 9.Playing For Time 10.Vital Signs (DELETED)

"HAND 2 EYE CO ORDINATION"   Track Listing.....

1.The cube  2.Bleeding hearts  3. Be seen but not heard 4.Ante lucem

5.All in good time 6.Heart of earth 7.Some say 8.H2O

9.Running on empty  10.Drop of a hat


"PATHFINDER"  Track Listing...

1.Ship to shore  2.Conscience  3.Chinese burn  4.Never ending story

5.You give me  6.Pathfinder  7.At times  8.The riddle  9.The game

10.The real me  11.Keeper of the light

"JUST A FLASH IN THE PAN" Track Listing:

1. Exhibition of life 2. Aftermath 3. Ninja 9 4. Lost reason 5. At the crossroads

6. Nocturne 7. Some of us 8. Everything and nothing 9. just a flash in the pan

10. Mix of six     Bonus track Queen of the moorlands

"OUTLAW OF OUR TIME" Track listing:

1.Fibre Optic  2.Souless Night Driver  3.Ricochet  4.Outstreched Hands to the World 5.Mediation  6.How Can One  7.Slow Motion  8.Siren Of The Sea  9.Blind Faith  10.Gate To  the west  11.Transatlantic Ghosts




1.Assassin  2.Healing  3.The Secret  4.Interstellar
5.House of the holy  6.Welcome to the darkside...
7.F1  8.Hideaway  9.No way of knowing 10.Apparition
11.Embargo  12.Tide is turning  13.No time  14.Infront of me
15.Remembrance day  16.Usurper (only on Cd Version)


"CIRCUS OF HORRORS" Track Listing; 

1.The hunter 2. Burning skies 3. Baila conmigo 4. I'm not your leader

5. Something's lurking 6. Downtown 7. Work of a human mind

8. From all sides 9. Story book 10. Circus of horrors

Bonus CD. 1.Timepeace 2. Aurora borealis


"BETWEEN 2 WORLDS" Track Listing; 

1. The quest 2. Long time gone 3. Never really know 4. Throwing shadows

5. On reflection 6. Everyday my heart 7. Compendium 8. Between 2 worlds

9. Living your life


1.Who are you 2.Preflight 3.You Belong 4.Malice in wonderland 

5. Two hearts 6. Caterpillahh 7. Sleep thief 8. Lights out 

9. Souvenirs d'une de paris 10. Hungry ghost 11. Remain the same

"CAROUSEL OF SOULS" Track Listing:

1.Prologue 2.Carousel of souls 3.Clockwork Heart 4.Empires Fall 

5.Lionheart 6.Childs Eyes 7.House of Cards 8.Rock and Roll Band

9.Cold Warning

"DUSK TILL DAWN" Track Listing;

1.The cube  2.Ante lucem 3.The real me 4.Pathfinder 5.Exhibition of life

6.Some of us 7.Transatlantic ghosts 8.Gate to the west 9.Compendium

10.Long time gone 11.Usurper 12.Welcome to the darkside

13.The hunter 14.Work of a human mind 15.Malice in wonderland 16.Hungry ghost

"THE BLESSED & THE DAMNED"  Track Listing:

1. The blessed & the damned  2.Lucid dream  3.The house of spirits

4.Walking through time  5.Bird on a wire  6.Walk the line

7.Utopian vision  8.Awakening

"TIME" Track Listing

 1.Deadly Alliance 2.Stay 3.Time 4.Sometimes

5.Runaway Express 6.Out of touch

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